Saturday, October 10, 2009


Thank you to all that commented on my running. I so appreciate that people get it. To me the running, working out and is more important than the weight loss. I have known plenty of thin women that aren't in shape, I want to be both, in shape and thin.

Right now I am eating a new favorite of mine. If I have a few points left over at the end of the night I go back to this childhood favorite, a cut up apple with peanut butter. During my heavy days I never really touched peanut butter but now its a nice treat, the apple takes care of the sweet craving and the peanut butter the salty.

Today i did not work out, Ryan made me take a break he said that too much could be bad, so I took today off, but I did work. Saturday at the Cheesecake Factory is busy busy, so I did plenty of running around. But just a kindly reminder please remember to tip your server, we only make 4.25 an hour(2.65 if you live in Michgan) the tip is needed. I am also happy to note my Spartans won again today, I love when they win its one more week I can hang the flag outside! It is a rare accomplishment that they win 2 weeks in a row!

That is all that is really going on, I am excited to go workout tomorrow to see if I can do the run/jog combo again of if it was just a one time thing.


Learning to be Less said...

WOOHOO for you and our Spartans!!!!

Jenn said...

I love apples and peanut butter! It was a go-to snack of mine when I was a kid, and I still love it today.
Congrats on the running!