Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So I have a new good dinner

Today I made gumbo. Oh it is so good. I bought a cook book from Weight watchers and have tried about 12 recipes and only one I wouldn't make again. Some are amazing...Chicken Carbonara, Salisbury steak, Mac and cheese, and now gumbo are just a few of my favorites.

One thing about eating healthy is I am trying new recipes like crazy. I used to make the same 5 meals over and over and over. Now they were all great, but Ryan was in charge of variety. Now I am doing it. I swear with some of the meals I make it does not even feel like I am watching what I eat. Today's dinner had 5 points a serving, I ate 1 serving before work and one now. True that a serving now is and ACTUAL serving not half the dish=)

I did have to cancel childcare this week at the YMCA, Riley now has the brunt of the sickness, today, and tomorrow I will not be able to work out. I have both kids all day and when Ryan gets home I have to go to work, Friday I will be able to work out regardless of whether the kids are too sick for childcare or not. I actually miss running, okay let me rephrase I don't miss the running, I miss the feeling I get when I finish.

So I am still grateful for the 1.6 weight loss but I am going to work to have a 3+ week. I still want to see a 1 in front of my weight by thanksgiving. It will be the first time my parents will see me in over 30 pounds, and I would like them see some serious results. I also want to fit into all my mom's old clothes. Nothing worse than being to fat to wear someone else's fat clothes!

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Laura said...

I love trying new recipes too! Especially when they turn out! Can you put the girls in the stroller and go for a run that way?? Nothing better than fresh air!