Thursday, October 8, 2009

What happened last night....

So I post daily, its my way to keep accountable, well yesterday in case you didn't notice I didn't. Oh I was bad, not eating but I spent the entire day when I had free time reading the entire Twilight book. My friend lent me the book and I have never been able to start a book and put it down if I get into it.

Mainly yesterday was reading, but I wasn't perfect with my eating. I realized I have to stop buying snacks. I keep eating them, I am having some habits following me, true I don't go over my points but I don't think you supposed to eat 5 one point weight watcher bars plus 1 smartones brownie Sunday and two 100 calorie Hostess snack cakes. Yes I did that all, I know I was within my points but still that is a crap load of sugar. I think part is Ryan is working nights so when the kids go to bed I go into mindless eating mode. I had 14 points left last night and I used them on crap! I think I am still frustrated with the loss I had this week.

I know 2.6 is good, but it was the same as the previous week, when I did not exercise. Last week, with the exception of the movie popcorn, I focused on eating most my points the right way with fruits, veggies and lean meats. So with working out+eating right I lost exactly the same as the previous week when I didn't watch those things as closely. So the past 2 days I have been pouting and eating my points, but making bad decisions with them.

That stops NOW! I forcing myself out of this funk! I will not let this get me down, because if a 2.6 weight loss throws me off track what will I do when things really start slowing down, or even worse I hit a plateau. So I not letting tomorrow be the same, I am going to pumpkinville with my family I will stock up on apples again.

So that's that, I read the entire Twilight book, and I ate crap for two days. I will say that I did stay on track with working out.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

2.6 is great. I know it's less than you hoped for, but it's still a great loss.

Even after losing my 150 pounds, there are still days when my eating is bad. Maybe not calorie wise, but junky. There's always something to work towards in life!

James said...

Honey Crisp apples are $0.79/lb up here. Now that's some good mindless munching. :)