Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conversation with My fat self

My fat self shall be here by Known as...MFS

A thinner Katie shall be here by known as....ATK

ATK...Whew today's workout really was tough, but I ran today actually ran on the treadmill. And biked I really want this triathlon.

MFS... So all this work out now we can go get something to eat right?

ATK..Well yes, I do need to go grocery shopping

MFS... Sweet I am starving after that workout, how about a Danny's favorite Sub, Mmmm. Just think Capicola ham, Salami, ham cheese, mayo, and oil! We can get it toasted, its 14 inches, and if you want to be light we can share it with Ryan!

ATK...umm NO! if we got anything it would be a turkey sub no cheese and with Mustard! But today is weigh in day so not happening! Let's stick to the list and if we have a good weight in I will buy you a special treat.

MFS...Oh yes all this Halloween candy? Oeros??? Oh you know how we LOVE those orange slice candy, Remember the the days we would eat an entire pound in one day? Lets do it ATK!

ATK...Well I was thinking more of a treat like Apple chips. They are so good you know, and if we eat the entire bag we still are being good.

MFS....WTF?!?!?!?! Apple chips, seriously! Common ATK just a little treat remember how good that movie popcorn was???

ATK...Yeah, it was good, but remember all the whining you have been doing about the workouts? I am on the treadmill and you cry for me to slow down, when I bump it up to jog, you beg to turn it down early? The movie popcorn was a one time treat, I listened to you that time, but I don't want to make it a habit, you cry about workouts way too much!

MFS...Well my legs hurt and everyone is better than me, and running kinda sucks can we do something easier like...yoga?? I think I would like that!

ATK...Yes we can do yoga, but that won't burn calories, and we need that we are fat remember?

MFS...Ah yes I miss those days, Oh I liked be fat. I like the Pasta's with cream sauce not the skim milk you make now, I like fast food, I like Sunday donuts when we would eat 3, Oh why are you doing this to me?? I want to eat and eat whatever I want!

ATK...NO NO NO SHUT UP! I like this Katie that is slowly emerging, and I want to be in shape more than I want a cheeseburger.

MFS...Okay ATK you win this round but I will be back.

This is the conversation that goes on in my head on a daily basis. I really wish MFS would just go away, she has quieted some but still there everyday.


Anonymous said...

Yoga is not easy!!!-Colleen

athinnerkatie said...

HAHA the yoga i am forgot to mention was the yoga today for the silver sneakers....oops forgot that in my conversation.