Sunday, October 4, 2009

Work out work and under points again...

Today I woke up and headed out for my work out. I pushed myself on the treadmill today and did 3 miles(5k) in 43 minutes. I thought that was great until I talked to my dad and he just did an actual 5 k in 37 minutes, I would have gotten my but kicked by my dad! So now I am really really going to get this down! i can't let my dad beat me, we can be the same but he can't beat me=) I also did my bike hell for 20 minutes. I really hate the bike it keeps reminding me how over weight, and out of shape I am. I will keep plugging along on it, but I still hate it, and spinning is on Tuesday...I will hate that too! I will go, and look like the fat out of shape women I am.

So I can't wait till I am not only thin, but in shape too! The last time I lost a bunch of weight and was thin, I was also a smoker, and I may have been thin but I was not in shape at all. So to me the exercise is almost more important than the weight loss.

So I came home, play with the cutest girls in the world, and then went to work. I brought and apple and a fiber bar with me, but I am still under my points. I always am under after working, I am a server its a busy Sunday its not like I can just take a break to have a healthy snack. I eat before I go, and when I get home, but for that time at work I just can't....anyone have an idea about what I should do? I am 10 points under my goal points, I don't want to make this a habit because I do not want it to affect my milk supply.

Oh but Ryan did make and AMAZING dinner again, Pork tenderloin with a pear sauce, mashed sweet potato's, carrots, salad, and pita garlic bread. It was so good!

Tomorrow I am going back to the gym to face the evil bike, and work on that know it does feel good though, well after it feels good, during I hate it!

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Anonymous said...

i would say to sub out the yogurt in the morning for egg whites/egg white omelette or something. then before work you could make a yummy fruit smoothie with like 2 or 3 different fruits and yogurt?? i was thinking about that one at the gym lol just an idea