Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cost of eating healthy!

I am sick to death of hearing people say how expensive it is to eat healthy. I said that so much in the past and you know what I think about that now, its bull!

A bag of chips is the same price as a 3 lbs bag of apples right now. If i went to the farm and picked them even cheaper. The local farm here has pick your own apples .52 cents a pound. Pears are 3 dollars for a 3 pound bag. Add to the fact I could eat an entire bag of chips in 1 hour, and a bag of apples last me and my family 3 days.

I will also point out sure boxed potato au gratin, are 2.69 a box, a bag of frozen veggies are 1.99 some even cheaper. Certain in season fresh veggies are cheap as well. I can always get broccoli for 99 cents a pound. Fresh green beans I get a 3 pound bag for five dollars.

Lean meats, I will give you are more than the fattier meats, but I go first thing in the morning and can get day old value packs. I buy big amounts put in freezer bags. I also look out for sales I bought so much boneless skinless chicken breast when it was 1.39 a pound. So yes I will give you this is slightly more expensive but if done smartly it can be totally reasonable.

Now the one place where I have noticed eating healthy is more expensive is with "healthy snacks." Yes my weight watcher ice cream bars are insanely more than a pint of ice cream, but I eat 1 box a week, not the entire pint in 2 days. I also spend less on snacks my new ones are the fruits I mentioned before. So yes snack for junky snack the 100 calorie versions are more than the calorie laden ones, but I shouldn't be eating either.

I do all my shopping on Monday, then I do a supplement shopping trip on Thursday or Friday. I spend the same if not less than I used to before my weight watcher days. I just have more of the good stuff in my cart, I don't spend 1/2 of my grocery money on stuff I will just binge on. I do let myself have 1 box of weight watcher ice cream bars, 1 box of weight watcher portioned thin pretzel chips, 1 box of fiber bars a week, and sometimes like last week I bought 100 calorie hostess bars. Those are my treats I get every Monday, when they are gone I don't get anymore.

So I have to say to those that say the cost of eating well is too expensive you are just looking for an excuse. I used to say that so I know, My family of 3(4 if you count the baby but she is still just "eating boobies")we spend 100 dollars or less a week, and that includes all meals for all of us, Ryan's lunches, and 5 dinners a week( two days a week we just have left overs or Ryan fends for himself).

Shopping this way makes binging less likely. I still binged this week but instead of consuming 5000 calories, I consumed roughly 1300, not great but so much better than it could have been. I was also able to keep not only binging down but also was able to stay within my points.

I am still worried about this weeks weigh in...just 3 days to see how much damage I did=(

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