Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cost of eating healthy part 2

So back to considering eating healthy. I remember when Ryan and I both would work and we would just grab a pizza or a meal from McDonald's, Mighty taco, or even subs. All these would be cheap, fast food, around 20 dollars.

Now I get going out and grabbing something cheap and quick is impossible....wait no that's not right. Today at the the grocery store I was walking around picking things up and saw the perfect fast food! It is healthy, cheap, it is the Rotisserie Chickens, only 4.99. I also figured a 1.99 bag of frozen steamed veggies and a bag of 99 cent salad would round out the perfect quick and easy meal. An entire meal for everyone under 10 dollars!?!?! You can even do that at McDonald's.

So now I guess the only valid reason I can see for complaining about the cost of eating healthy would be lean meats are more. But I still see ways around that did you know that right now pork is insanely cheap, silly people seem to think swine flu comes from eating pork! So the cost of pork is sometimes half or even less than it was 1 year ago. Lean pork is just as good for you as chicken. So yes 95% lean meat is more than 80%...but that is not the only option out there.

And finally I will point out one more thing, eating healthy, eating less, and moving more always ends up a cheaper option, the cost of health care deductibles these days are insane!

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