Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Old habits die slow=(

So for most of the 15 weeks I have been working at this I have went out after story time, we would go to Panera I love love the Fuji Apple chicken salad, it is a bit high in points, 10 points to be exact. But I know every Wednesday I will be eating that so I plan accordingly. Also every Wednesday Riley, and Addie split a meal, and a cookie, Addie never eats her half and Riley today didn't eat her half either today. Today before I knew it, I ate the cookie. So I really am not beating myself up for eating the cookie, because I do allow myself treats now and then. I am beating myself up because I didn't even want the cookie, it was a shortbread cookie, not my favorite, I also literally finished it before I even realized it.

I am not sure if this has happened to anyone else the surprise eating, eating something you never intended? Well when I came back home I tracked that cookie....350 calories 21 grams of fat! I could have eaten 3 100 calorie Chips Ahoy cookie packs, 2 skinny cow ice creams, 3 apples with a little peanut butter, instead of that 1 cookie that I didn't even want/enjoy.

This is a habit that I used to have one that I thought I controlled, mindless eating. The cookie will not ruin my day, but it does make me realize just as I feel things are under control....well it is still a day to day struggle.

Well I refuse to beat myself up about that, I just know that I have to do what I used to, if Riley doesn't eat something that looks good, I have to get it out of my sight, throw it away as soon as possible or if I want to take it with me for Ryan, I leave it in the car till he comes home.

The cookie will not win! I will work out 9 points tomorrow! I have a gym time set up, I will do 5 points there, then do 4 miles when Ryan gets home another 5 points there. Maybe that will teach me to not eat something I don't even want=)

Oh I did Pilate's today and wow that is hard, just when I start to feel better about myself I find out my stomach has no muscle, I could only do about 1/3 of the stomach exercise correct, the other times I had to "cheat."

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Katie J said...

I thought I had rid myself of that habit too but here we are 11 months down the line and I still catch myself once in awhile eating mindlessly. I am way better but it does take time to change those bad habits.