Friday, November 20, 2009

No popcorn!

I did have a Mojito before though, but that is 3 points, and it wasn't that good I should have just ordered a glass of wine. You know what I did with the mojito didn't drink it. I didn't love it so I didn't drink it just because it was there. That is a new thing, not finishing my food and drinks. I think we are all programed to eat what we order, but now I realize no I shouldn't eat everything.

Before I started my journey I would wait on tables with skinny girls ordering really fatty meals, like chicken carbonara, that is 1700 calories and 120 grams of fat, they would eat some and not want it boxed. I never got that it was a waste of money they should eat it or at least take it home. I don't think that anymore, now If I splurge I will eat till I am full, and then the splurge is done, there will be no taking it home for later. I did that with the mojito I ordered something that is a splurge, didn't LOVE it so I didn't drink it.

I am feeling in control. I am getting a little nervous though, and a little excited, today at the gym I stepped on the scale in just my bra and underwear, and moved the levy to 200 and BAM that is what I weigh. I wonder if weight watchers will let me weigh myself in my bra and underwear. So I am a little nervous because if that is what I weigh, then I have to take pictures in my sports bra...I don't feel ready for that. But I still have till Tuesday!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

Getting over the clean your plate syndrome is a huge milestone! Something else you could try is to ask if they have an appetizer portion or lunch portion of an entree when you want to splurge a little. I'm a real cheapskate so I like that it's usually a few dollars less too!

Katie J said...

They might frown on that Katie but if you wore a really thin dress or shorts and T-shirt it might work LOL. Well I am hoping that you reach Onederland by Tuesday. That would ROCK!!! Good luck and have a great weekend!

Jenn said...

Good for you on saying no to the popcorn!
I'm going to the movies tomorrow night with my hubby - I'm going to follow your example and just say no to the popcorn!