Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WooHoo it was a good weigh in!

3.4 pounds this week!!!!!

I needed that to push me. I have 6.8 pounds to loose to officially see onderland(under 200 pounds for all you skinny folks). I want to see that number before thanksgiving weekend. Not that a pound either way will make a HUGE deal. But I would love to have my parents come in and be 199.8 or less.

I was roughly 195ish when I met my husband. He looks at this picture of me, and wants that!

Best part is I am 10 pounds from that picture. It is so close. I am excited to be below it so I will officially be thinner than I was since I was 21 years old. It is so close. I don't even remember what it was to be less than a size 12. I have one pair of pants that are a size 10 and the will soon be the next goal pants. Crazy to think I could be a size 10 at Christmas. It is so close.

My goal is 16.6 pounds from now till Christmas. I want to see 190 then. This will take work. The previous 3 weeks I slacked I lost only 3.6 pounds, With a little determination this week I almost doubled that. So all it will take is to get my arse in gear.

Oh and to let you know from now on my weight loss pictures will be me in a sports bra. This is hard for me because I have not showed my stomach in 15 years. So in 6.6 pounds lost (working towards that to be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving), I will be taking a picture of myself in a sports bra. I hope it will be more obvious that the shirt pictures easier to see what I am doing.


James said...

As Kate's older brother, I should point out that I'm going to have to beat up anybody who looks at pictures of my sister in her underwear. :)

SunflowerDaisies said...

Yay for you. Congrats! :-)

Laura said...

Good job this week! Are you getting excited for the turkey trot?? Feeling prepared? You're going to love being under 200lbs! And cute picture of you and your hubby! (also your brother's comment is funny! hehe)

Katie J said...

LOL @ James!

Good going Miss Katie! You ARE so close. That is major incentive to push yourself a little "extra" these next few weeks. Can't wait till you get there! Woohoo!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

This is my first time stopping by. You must be so excited to be so close to this goal of getting under 200. I'm sure that is a huge motivator for you. I wish you all the luck in the world.