Sunday, November 15, 2009

I think I am being hit on!

Or at least being flirted with. Now I know I am married and shouldn't find this all exciting but it is. Today I was watching the game on the t.v.'s at work talking to one of the cooks about my fantasy football team. When he asked me to go have a drink with him, and watch the rest of the game. I said, "well I would but i have 2 kids and a husband waiting at home for me." He was embarrassed and apologized. I told him don't be silly it made my night it was the first time in 4 years a male, besides my husband, hit on me! I also have to mention he also asked me when I started, I have worked at the Cheesecake Factory for 2 and half years.

See not only am I becoming attractive again, I can't wear my wedding ring. It falls off so easy. I want to buy a chain for it so I have with me all the time. But like pants I don't want to have to pay to have it sized down only to have to do it again down the line.

I have lately noticed funny places I am losing weight, my fingers and feet are just a couple that have been getting skinny too!


Becca55 said...

Doesnt it feel good? I havnt had this happen to me yet but a girl can dreem right! Isn't it weird the places we notice the weight loss and all that I went from a size 10 shoe to a 7, that is just crazy. And my rings no longer fit and I have colar bones and Hip bones too. it is amazing!

athinnerkatie said...

Yes it is so fun to find bones too. I have found my ribs and coal bone, still looking for that hip bone it will show up soon I hope!

Congrats on you weight loss!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I'm sure the guy at work isn't the only one who would like to spend time with you. (Sorry guys, she's taken!) But I'll bet it feels great to know that you are being noticed.

Great idea to keep the ring on a chain. It's a constant reminder of how far you've come in your journey to lead a healthier lifestyle. I'm so happy for your success.

Have a great week.