Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So I was thinking about inspiration, motivation and things like that. If you read this blog often you know my inspiration is my Dad this time around. He is truly a great guy, I was always a daddy's girl, and I am pretty sure I was his favorite...sorry Colleen and James! Okay but seriously, my mom is wonderful, but I don't think she understands the pull food has over me. My dad does. I may be presumptuous with this, but I believe my dad knows the feeling of eating one meal, and already thinking of what you are going to eat next. He also gets the waste not want not mentality, I really don't need the last scoop of potatoes...but I don't want to trow it away so I will eat it. I think my dad gets the I can't just eat one small candy bar, because one will become 15. So when my dad lost all his weight it was an eye opener for me. And when he offered me the same opportunity, I took it.

I believe he knew that I was like him that if he could finally after 40 years do it he knew I could too. When they offered this time there was no accusation, no disapproval, just my dad(mom too) wanting me to be as happy as they are with the weight loss.

I also know my dad and I are similar in another aspect, we both start something, and are like a dog with a bone. Nothing will stop us we are too competitive to quit. When people notice we love it we like that positive reinforcement.

Now it comes to my dad maintaining, he will be my inspiration in that way as well. He has lost weight before, never this much and this healthy though, but had gained it back. I know this time he will keep it off, and if he can do it so can I. I also know if I struggle or even have a bad week, he knows those he will listen understand and most of all I don't have to be perfect. He won't bull sh*t me if I screw up, but he will understand. Even though I am in New York and he is in Michigan, I am so glad my dad is doing this too, and my inspiration.

The other day a girl I work with told me she joined Weight Watchers on line. She sees my transformation, and wants to lose as well. She is gorgeous too, and has no where near the weight loss I had to lose, but we have talked she gets the food pull. We talked about how we love food, and how we make the wrong choices, and how we can both over eat. I am so honored that she saw me losing, and wants to use me as an inspiration. The best part of her using me that way, is I don't ever want to let her down. If I gain all mine back, how can I support her to be the best she can be?

So in a round about way because I inspired a friend of mine, I now feel more inspired, it brought back my motivation to lose, something I was missing for 2 weeks.

I am so glad she did this for me(for herself too but mostly she did it for me), I only hope that I did the same for me dad. It is funny it is not competitive, its not like I want to lose more or beat them, I want both my friend to succeed probably more than she does! I want her to experience people saying how great she looks, because I know that she felt she could do it because I am....

So thanks dad and nameless friend but you know who you are=)))

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Learning to be Less said...

That is great. Like paying it forward only in came back to you like a boomerang.

You are an inspiration. You are doing so well! You should be as proud of yourself as they all are (and we are) of you.