Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Thanksgiving...

I was so good. I ate the green bean casserole I made, coliflower with no butter, turkey, and for dessert I ate the apple crisp I made. Apple crisp was beyond amazing, It had slightly more points because I double the crisp part.

So thanksgiving came and went. My parents came in and if you ever read this blog you know my dad is also a WW follower. So Friday I was one of the crazy people and went out at 5 am. My mom and I forgot to eat, and for dinner I made one of my favorite recipes, flank steak taco's I didn't add up my points but my dad's points were low so I know I was well below my points for friday.

Then Saturday came, that was my gluttny day!! We went to the local market and bought a 6 pound prime rib, for 4.99 a pound. Not exactly the most weight watcher friendly of meals. My dad made the most amazing garlic mashed potatoes, and oh I made the apple crisp again. No one but me really ate any of the first one, so it all worked out, I told you it was amazing). So I counted the poitns and I did go over, but still not crazy over, until I added the 4 glasses of wine I drank. Wine isn't bad but my 4 glasses were more like 6 servings, so 12 points there. Today I am going to the gym to work some of that dinner off!

So not a bad weekend, food wise the only excersise I got this week was cleaning and the 5 mile turkey trot on thanks giving. I didn't reach my goal I did it in 1 hour and 7 minutes. My husband did not train at all went out and ran it in 49 minutes. I am proud of him and I hate him for that! But it was fun, after our turkey trot there is a huge party with fruit, yogurt, water, and free beer, we couldn't stay for that because we needed to get home to the rugrats. Next year it will be something we plan for.

Sorry for the long time without a post it was a crazy weekend.


Becca55 said...

way to go with the eating sounds like you really kept to your plan even with all the temptations. Awesome job with he turkey Trot!

Learning to be Less said...

Good job on making it through! Going back to the gym is always the toughest part. So where is this amazing apple crisp recipe? You must share friend.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

You did great. One day of fun eating/wine isn't bad considering the 5k and how well you did the rest of the weekend.