Friday, September 25, 2009

Apple Picking fun!

First picture does not let me hold any illusions, I still am in dire need of more weight loss, thank goodness the baby is covering most of it. The picture of me an Riley alone is not so bad, it means that I am not SO fat that I can't hide it ever because I think I almost look good in that one. The other 2 pictures I just thought were cute. The other woman is my mother in law, she came with us and the darling she is, she bought all the apples. We had a ton of fun it was a perfect day fall day for it, sunny and 68.

Oh and I did binge today I have eaten 3 apples already...and I think I might eat another before the day is done=) Mmmm fresh apples are amazing.

One more thing the coat I am fits, it is also a normal womans size not a plus. That coat has not fit for 3 years, and not only does it fit, I can zip it up past my chest without issue. I bought it a few years ago I remember it being a little tight then.

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