Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still on my weight loss high!

So the first picture is my bookmark with 5, 5 pound stickers, and the second picture is my 10% key chain! i am just so excited about it, my goal was to reach 10% by Halloween and under 200 by Christmas. So i reached the first and now to work for the second. I also know that these 5 pound loss weeks won't last. That soon I will have to be happy with 2 pounds a week, and that is okay but I am just so happy to be getting rid of the HUGE fat Katie. I can deal with the Katie that has 50 pounds or less to lose, but the one that had 100 pounds was just scary. So 25 more pounds to lose by Christmas I know I can do that!
Oh and on a side note I have "found" 2 new shirts, and I am completely in my goal pants. Now I have a new goal pants. When I first started at the Cheesecake Factory I bought some pants online, I ordered a size 38, they have never fit me. Also when my friend moved to Spain she gave me her old work pants, that I have never been able to fit in. So my next not scale goal is to fit into these pants. Unlike the last goal pants I can't even bring the buttons together so it will be a bit, hopefully by mid October I will fit in them.

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Anonymous said...

funny story about old pants. After I lost weight the first time around, I was digging around my dressers and found an old pair of capris I hadn't worn in forever. I put them on and they fit! It felt so awesome, then I stuck my hand in the back pocket and found 10 dollars on top of it!! lol so make sure you check the pockets of old pants you havent worn in a while!!!