Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to work soon

So Today I went to work and filled out my paperwork to start back. I am not sure how I feel about it, one part is excited to work part time and get out of the house and have adult interaction. Another part is sad I am leaving my babies, true it will only be about 15 hours a week and it will be my husband taking care of them....but still it isn't easy. I am also worried about temptation at my job, see I work part time at nights at the Cheesecake Factory. So temptation will be strong, I know I will stick to mainly Vietnamese Shrimp summer rolls, and Lettuce wraps, both wonderful things, just hope I don't get sick of them too soon. Also now with me going back we will have "extra" money and I can join my gym. Another plus is serving involves lots of walking around, more walking means more activity, more activity more weight loss so YAY for that.

Today I mowed the lawn for my exercise. I think its my husband's favorite thing, every week to change things up I will mow the lawn as my day's exercise, since I have started Weight watchers he has not had to mow. I do try to do some sort of exercise everyday, it doesn't have to be a 7 mile walk, but at least something. I just don't want to get out of the habit of working out, and you know I actually like it. It is kind of nice to get out and walk or mow some of my frustrations away, and Ryan has been great about letting me have that time.

That is all for now, off to bed.


Learning to be Less said...

Welcome to the weight loss blogging world! It is an interesting place to be. Lots of inspirational stories. Lots of people to share your struggles with. A great place to get ideas.

I am quite fond of it. Hope you are too. I used to be a server, back in my thinner days. You are soo right. Being on your feet like that will give you a great workout. You have been so disciplined. Good for you! Routine and planning are a huge part of this journey. I look forward to reading your posts so update often.

By the way, your cute!

athinnerkatie said...

Thank you for your welcome, it is apprciated I am working hard so that in a year I have a great sucess story like yours.
And thanks, I think my kids are pretty cute as well, but then I am probably a little biased.