Tuesday, September 29, 2009

down again! yay

Quick post, with the baby in my lap. I work today, so I went in for my weigh in and meeting today at 10 am. Good news is I lost again down another 2.6 so I am at 221! Bad news I was hoping to be under 220, oh well I will keep that point for one more week.

Today's meeting was NOT for me, I think the next youngest person there was still double my age. Most were ladies in there 70's, four of them walked with canes, one lady kept saying to the leader "what, I forgot my hearing aid, speak up," I think she said that 6 times. So I sat in the back with Riley and Sophie, and didn't even get my 5 lb sticker, I will get it next week with the leader I love.

I did get another 10% key chain, mine broke when I went to put the 25 pound charm on it, so they gave me a replacement.

Oh and with the advice of everyone, my brother, my parents and even jack sh*t, I am choosing to go to the YMCA, I know I mentioned that before but tomorrow, I am going in, I filled out the paper work. I just have to work today and make at least 75 dollars, so if you are in the Buffalo area and want to help, come to the cheesecake factory ask for me and leave a HUGE tip=)

Time to earn my 10 extra WW points=)


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Wish I lived nearby so I could come in and leave a 3% tip. Oh wait... that's my dad Horace that does that. I swear, he must enjoy the taste of spit because I'm sure wait staffs all over the area have hawked on his food when they see him coming.

Good luck with the Y. I'm excited for you.

Learning to be Less said...

You go girl! And let us know what you think about the Y.

It just may give you even bigger losses!

Anonymous said...

Hate you for that 10 points!!!!!!