Sunday, September 27, 2009

So long 18's!!

So my 18's are HUGE completely un wearable. It means they have to be retired for good, now making those 16's gone as well.

Today I was so good, I had to be after my little splurge last night. I ate a 1 egg and 2 egg white omelet, with fat free cheese, onions and green peppers for breakfast. For lunch I was at work so I brought an apple, fiber one bar and before I left had a pita and hummus. For dinner my husband was supposed to make dinner but didn't=( So we went to Fridays grrr I hate going out, I used to love it but now I hate it for multiple reasons....

1. We just ordered pizza yesterday.
2. Going to a sit down restaurant with a 2 year old and a baby is horrible, and the entire time is spent trying to keep the 2 year old from throwing crayons, saying hi to everyone around, making her sit on the bench not the floor, so not relaxing.
3. It is expensive even with 5 dollar sandwich's. I can not eat those so my dinner is more!
4. I hate paying 2.59 for a drink, when a I can buy a bottle for 99 cents.

okay so those are just a few reasons off the top of my head. But I was good and ordered the Dragon fire chicken, it is 9 points of semi okay food. I like it but its not something I crave or want to pay 8.49 for. But I did it because Ryan was tired after a day watching the kids and hadn't pulled anything for dinner. So we ate out anyways and it was so-so I guess it was better than me having to cook.

So I still have 11 points left for the day but I am not hungry so I am just going to leave it alone. Just in case the pizza, yesterday was more that I estimated. I was thinking the irony is that if I was not a nursing mother, these would be all the points I would get. I am nursing Sophie till she leaves for college!

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Laura said...

Congrats! Time to go shopping for some new clothes!