Sunday, September 13, 2009

Okay so here is the truth...

Yesterday I screwed up big time! Friday night I went out to eat, and I had broiled fish and veggie's, no bread, a salad with only veggies and low fat dressing. Then Saturday came, I ended up not working because I was on standby(called in if someone calls off), so Ryan and I thought olive garden sounded great. I looked it up, they had pasta dishes for less than 500 calories, and salad not exactly good for you but still doable seeing I had 27 points left for the day. Well Olive Garden had too long a wait, 2 kids +wait=bad bad bad times! So we went to Chili's, I didn't get long to look at the menu but I had it narrowed down to three choices

1. Fajita Pita, I would change the french fries for veggies.

2. Guiltless Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, again with a veggie side.

3. Quesadilla Explosion salad. I would ask for no tortilla strips, I would not eat the quesadilla, and get the dressing on the side.

So I picked option 3.....Oh was that ever the wrong wrong choice! Now I did not eat some of the stuff but all together this salad has 1260 calories and 76 grams of fat!!!! Even at best I still ate 20-25 points worth of it. So then me being the good girl I am I didn't eat again the rest of the night right?? WRONG!! Okay so I ate fruit or veggies right?? WRONG!! I ate a fiber one bar, a peanut butter one, which I found out is actually 3 points, not 2 like all the other fiber bars! I also ate a 100 calorie ice cream snack. It was a good thing I cleaned out my cupboards of really bad foods because I certainly screwed things last night. It could have been worse but still I am so mad, I thought I had a good grasp on what was healthy, obviously I need to look up things all the time. The other 2 options I was looking at....both under 500 calories.

Okay deep breathe, the day is over, today is a new day. I will stay on track and I will never again go out to eat without looking things up again. blah blah blah, I don't think I will lose 3.4 pounds this week though.


Anonymous said...

didn't your flex points for the week cover the oopsie on Saturday? I know you don't like to use them at all but I think you'll do fine at weigh in!

athinnerkatie said...

Thanks nay! I think I only went over for the day by a few because I didn't eat everything but, you never know. And yes I never use my flex points just mad I had to use them for a SALAD! grrr

Diane, fit to the Finish said...

It's so frustrating at restaurants. I really wish they were required to post the calories right next to the title of the meal. Then we'd be totally informed!

Like you said - today is a new day, and one night out won't ruin anything!

Have a great one!