Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Michigan

Yesterday we drove to Michigan, today we went to the Michigan State game. It was baby Sophie's first of many games and she was wonderful! I had to nurse her at the game, I don't have any issue with nursing in public, but I hate even showing an inch of my flab, but I was able to do it. I can't wait till flab is gone.

Oh and my mom who reads this blog pointed out a stupid mistake I have been making I want to lose weight.....not loose weight. I am the worst at grammar sometimes, so thanks to my mom for letting me know that, I feel like a big idiot but I appreciate her telling me so I don't keep on making the same silly mistake and looking like even more of an idiot. Funny thing about honesty though, sometimes you want to hear it and other times you want to be lied to. For years my mom was on me to lose weight, and I hated it. I hated the way she would constantly tell me how I needed to, it would make me cry, I would bitch about her to my friends(sorry mom!), and I would think she was the worst mom in the world. . Now I see things differently I wish I would have listened to her, if I had listened 2 years ago I would have only had to lose 70 pounds, if I listened to her 5 years ago it would have only been 40 pounds, and if I had listened to her 7 years ago it would have been 30 pounds. I realize now, she never said those things to hurt me, she wanted me to healthy and happy and comfortable in my own skin, something I haven't been in a long time. The sad thing is sometimes you are not ready to hear the honesty, you want the lies and I had my fair share of people telling me lies that I just thought my mom was a bitch(sorry again mom!!!). Now I love her for that, I know that through this journey she will be my biggest champion, and I know when the day comes when I look good she will let me know. I look forward to her honesty because I want to be that healthy, happy, comfortable self.

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Learning to be Less said...

Holy cow! I am from Minchigan (I live in Texas now) and I went to Michigan State. How I miss it. I just bought a plane ticket to go home next month and surprise my mom.

There is an awesome bar there called the Peanut Barrel. You can sit outside and get totally hammered (on the cheap) drinking just two of their long island iced teas (they have a limit). Although, if you par take in that activity, you may not want to nurse your child. I don't know, maybe you do and then she will sleep well.

Anywho, enjoy your trip. You should get some apple cider while you are there. Michigan orchards make the best cider (I maybe a little biased).