Friday, September 11, 2009

Work is a reality tomorrow.

So I start work tomorrow, I kept putting it off, Sophie is almost 12 weeks and I guess its time I start making money so I can spend it. I am getting my gym membership!! I did need new running/walking shoes but thanks to my very supportive parents they bought me some. As I stated before I have mixed feelings about returning to work, one side is excited to get out and be kid free for a little, let my husband have bonding time, oh and be able to spend money without my husband rolling his eyes. At the same time I am so sad even 15 hours or so a week away from my babies makes me sad, and its not as if I have a job that I went to school for, or really love it is just a serving job.

Okay so enough of that, I have noticed this new thing happening my wedding band is so loose, I am going to have to get this thing re sized at the end of this journey, sad thing is I will have to wait to reach it till I do it, so I will be ringless in a few months. I also have noticed weight loss in another strange spot, my feet, my shoes are a little looser. My friend saw me today and she said it looks like I lost all baby weight, which is almost exactly what I have plus a pound or 2.

Yesterday Ryan bought me work pants, I have to wear white ones so he went and picked me up a couple on sale, he bought a size 14, and a size 16. The 16 fits great with a little room to spare, and the 14 I will be wearing in 2-3 weeks I was able to button and zip them with no problems, they just aren't super comfy, and when I work I want super comfy pants. I can almost say I am out of size 16 pants, dress size is another story. Though my shirts I bought little over a month ago are starting to look like a tent on me, I am noticing things happening with clothes, I just haven't seen it, and get sad when I look at the pictures I took a couple days ago and see no matter these changes I still have a ton of work ahead of me.

I also had a good exercise day yesterday, I walked the 1.9 miles to Wegman's bought my few things I needed(including a half gallon of milk)put them in a backpack and walked the 1.9 miles back home. Today I am afraid that I won't get my workout in I have a cold. I want to take an easy in preparation for tomorrow, I am hoping to be over this cold.

WOW this blog was long and all over the place!

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Jenn said...

That's great, you're showing real progress. My rings are way loose as well - I'll probably have to stop wearing them soon, too, which I'm also not happy about. But, it will be great fun to get them resized!