Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cream of chicken and artichoke soup...Mmmmm

But no I did not eat any. At Cheesecake Factory they let servers eat all the bread and soup we can stuff ourselves with. Saturday is by far the best soup of the week, Cream of chicken with artichokes, The problem is you can see butter on the top, and they use heavy cream, I am thinking one cup is easily 15 points. Today I faced it down and did not eat any. I also was food running, which means I just spent 6 hours taking food out of the window, running it to a table walking back to repeat over and over. So I am pretty sure I earned a few activity points, but they don't have food running as an activity on the tracker.

So I think I am controlling food, it is not controlling me, and that feels good. But I was reading jack sh*t's blog about gaining it back.....and it got me thinking. I am not getting over confident because I still have a long long way to go on my journey, and when I do get to the end, learning the balance to maintain will be next thing I have to learn. So do i think I will put the weight back on, well I have before...but then I have never looked at changing my life like I look at it now. I want my girls to learn to enjoy and eat healthy from me, for treats to truly be a sometimes treat, not have brownies 4 times a week. I want them to eat a salad, or veggies with every dinner. I want when they want a snack for it to be normal to grab a piece of fruit, not a bag of chips. The only way I can do this is to do all of these things myself. I know that and so yes I have failed in the past, but for the fist time its not just me this is for, its for the health of my family too.

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