Thursday, September 17, 2009

Never drink and blog!

wow I just read what I wrote last night, sorry about that. I only had 1 beer and one small glass of wine, but I haven't drank in almost a year so both went straight to my head. The whole mor weight makes it harder to get drunk is so not true with me. Also I ate another snack last night so I went 2 points over. I am staying away from drinking!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, I have a 4 mile walk , and another weight watcher recipe planned for tonight. I will blog later after the kiddos are in bed.

Oh I do want to give a shout out to Laura she is joining the weight loss blogging world.... She is starting this journey where I wish I would have, around 200 pounds, and she has a my dream kitchen(check her before pictures that kitchen is amazing!).


Jenn said...

:-) That's funny, I thought your post last night was fine, lol!

Laura said...

aww thanks for you the shout out and kitchen compliment! And believe me, I wish I had started this journey a looong time ago, I was 260lbs at my heaviest!

Learning to be Less said...

Girl, we are so much alike. I was just reading your post about telling poeple what you weigh. I don't need to tell everyone's grandma but when I told my mom, husband and best bud (which has only been the past 6 months max) I felt a huge sense of relief like I had told a big secret. I felt free. I don't really care now because it is so much less than I weighed before and it is just a number.

I am on this journey with you. No real aha moment for me, I want to have a baby. I was just too fat. I want that nice pregnancy belly - I was so big before I am not sure anyone would have noticed. Just time to be healthy. The personal trainer I started with was my 30th birthday present to myself.