Thursday, September 24, 2009

Turkey Trot!

Okay so my friend Gretchen is in! Nay you know you want to! DO IT! Liz, Rachel, common commit it will be fun, anyone else in?? The more the people the more we can all push to do it, it will be fun, if my fat ass can do it I know all you skinny b*tches can=)

Okay so I am feeling good I went "shopping" and I found a ton of clothes that fit or almost fit. I am even wearing a shirt that looks a little big. Woohoo it really working, even with only a 1.4 weight loss this week its really really working!

So now I want a few opinions, if you know Ryan and I you know that we struggle to makes ends meet, we do it but its still not easy. The only way I can really afford to pay for Weight watchers is because my parents pay for it(have I mentioned recently how great they are? I know my mom reads my blog but still needs to be said! Funny as a teen I wanted nothing to do with my mom and we would fight over everything now, she and my sister are the first 2 I call about anything). But anyways so back to what I was talking about. I have 2 options on gyms.

1. YMCA It is 51.75 a month. It is close to me so I can walk/ride with the kids for a little extra exercise. They have childcare, so I never have an excuse to miss a spinning class, or to even work out! The 51.75 buys membership for the entire family, so when Riley is 3 there is so much she can do. They have swimming for both girls, parties. They even have childcare from 4-7 so my husband can go work out and take the girls. Okay so the is a ton of money for us. We come out ahead each month, but it is always close, this will bring that even closer to the edge. So I will have to work an extra shift, an extra shift is not something I look forward to.

2. UB's gym. It is only 189 for the entire year! If I didn't have children I would hands down choose this option. the facilities are 1000 times better than the Y. The pool is huge, class options seem infinite. Again it is close so I can ride my bike, but alone. The cost is something we can afford. The bad is i can only go when I have someone to watch the kids, So when Ryan comes home or I can get Sherry to drive here. I think she would do it but I would feel bad having her drive to my house 2-3 times a week so I can go work out. Then I would also feel bad having Ryan taking over after his long days at work.

So those are the 2 options I am debating about. They both have 1 thing that appeals to me, the YMCA, had childcare and UB has an inexpencive price tag, what is most important. I am worried thogh if I don't choose the YMCA I will keep finding excuses to not work out. But then I am worried if I join the YMCA it will too much when i do have to start paying for Weight Watchers....I mean when that happens I am looking at paying 90 dollars a month to stay on track.

Well that is all at this point I am not rushing myself I have a bike here, and I also have my legs so I can keep walking and riding, but Buffalo gets cold quick so who knows how long I can keep putting joining a gym off.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

When I was gym-shopping, I made my decision based on one criterea: what was most convenient. I figured that convenience would translate to more likely to work out, and so far that's been the case.

The more difficult we make it to get in our sweat, the more likely we'll come up with an excuse not to do it.

James said...

If you can pay some extra to kill a couple excuses ahead of time, go for it.

When I got into the whole "fitness" thing, I'd spend whatever it took to get me off the couch.

Now that I've been doing it for a few years and the habits are ingrained, it's a little easier to choose my battles- I don't have to buy ski passes for every hill and trail within 100 miles.