Saturday, September 19, 2009

My "cheat" day yesterday.

Today is my husband's birthday, yesterday was my day of celebration for him. We invited his parents over for dinner and cake, I also figured I would not count my points for dinner. I was good for the day, a banana, pear, yogurt, hummus and pita bread, and a fiber 1 bar, was the extent of my food for the day till dinner.

I made fajitas, bought the tortillas with the least amount of points, did not use cheese. I did eat some chips and guacamole but I counted the chips and 1 and 1/2 servings. For the cake I made my diet Sprite cupcakes, everyone else had frosting, me I had mine with fat free whip cream, and lite strawberry ice cream. It was so good, the cake takes a pound cake type feel, I am thinking my next dessert I have to make will be strawberry short cakes.

So I ate very well, not counting the 4 beers I drank, not that I am an alcoholic I had my first at 5, my last at 12. But still I drank 10 points away=( When I had the party munchies I ate another pear.

So did I go over in points?...maybe. Do I feel I fell off the wagon?...absolutely not. I think I found a new balance I never had before, the balance of enjoying food, dessert, and drinking without overdoing it.

Tonight I have to work and Ryan is going to his parents for dinner, they are have cheesy chicken enchilada, Texas sheet cake with sour cream frosting, things I won't see, or be tempted by. IT may be fattier and the cake a little better, but I prefer the feeling that I have right now to the feeling I would have after eating all that crap. Though my mother in law did say she would send me a small piece of each, I told her "no, NO, NONONO." I hate that she thinks because I lost some weight now I can eat whatever, I lover her but grrrrr.

I don't know what is worse my mom who if she had her way would put me in a fat camp where I would eat nothing but veggies, and exercise not stop. Or Ryan's mom who tries to feed me 24/7 and all of it is bad for me, candy, cookies, donuts, chips, pizza, McDonalds, deep fried burrito (yes she has offered all these since I started weight watchers). Both do it out of love, and both can drive me crazy.

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Learning to be Less said...

That does not sound like much of a cheat to me. Sounds like you did really well. Good for you!