Thursday, September 3, 2009

No more "I hope"

So after my last post about hope it got me thinking. When you hope for something it usually has to do with things out of your control, like I hope someday I will win the lottery. My weight loss is not a hope, it is something I have to work at, it is not something that I can just magically hope just falls off of me. I can not hope that each week I will loose weight, it is all in my hands. I have to work, struggle, and watch my eating and I will loose. Hoping for weight loss is a thing of the past.

I am also excited I searched and found other blogs of women who have lost weight or on the same journey as me, I am enjoying reading that others have struggled,cried and finally succeeded. So you can check out these other blogs I am following in my profile, defiantly worth looking at if you are need inspiration to loose weight like I do. I am at the beginning of my journey a few of these women are at the end.

I also opened my comments so anyone can comment you don't have to be a "follower."

Okay now onto the food portion, today was a pretty normal day. I ate my normal yogurt/granola/banana for breakfast. I am also getting in the habit of grabbing fruit for a snack, I am really enjoying it too, I have found a new love....pears. For dinner I was a little high, I ate a little less than half a sub from Wegman's, I took the cheese off and only had mustard, it was just the bread that made a 7 inch sub 9 points. I am also getting used to that "in between" feeling what I mean is that point your not really hungry, but you aren't full either. I used to eat when I reached that point. I would sometimes have a meal before my husband even came home, then have dinner too. I am embarrassed by my former eating habits. I am in deep enough that I can look back and be disgusted by that former self, but I am not so deep that I feel like I am cured and will never go back to that. I am working to taking it one day at a time, it does seem to get easier though. To end on a happy note... I tried on a pair of pants I bought 5 weeks ago, and I can not wear them, they literally fall off me as I walk....YAY no more 20's!!!

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Jenn said...

Hi Katie,
Looks like you are doing fabulous! Great job so far, I'm looking forward to following your progress.
Jenn @ Watch My Butt Shrink!