Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Telling everyone and their grandma!

So today at work I told everyone about my weight loss goals. To me its how I can stay accountable, I know that it doesn't work for everyone, but for me it will keep me from having a bowl of Baked Potato soup, or ordering something horrible like Louisiana Pasta. So everyone can know what i weigh what I want to lose, and how much I already have, my weight is no longer a secret is out there for everyone and anyone. Besides when you fat people can see that, and really its not like saying I weigh any less than I do makes a difference I am still fat.

So today I made a delicious dinner, Salisbury steak. I bought the new weight watcher cook book and so far everything I have made from it is awesome. I am also doing something I never did before, eat dinner before I work. I am hoping it will keep me from snacking on bread, diving in to the soup, or ordering food. So far it works well I keep enough points for when I come home for a nice snack. Today I had some Roasted Red Pepper hummus with a pita bread, a beer(it helps milk supply), a pear, and a weight watcher ice cream bar.

So today I tried on the work pants I blogged about yesterday, I can button, and zip them up, I can't breathe but I actually can get them on! I am in shock actually 2-3 weeks and I think they will fit. I am going to have to hit up Goodwill soon for clothes if I keep going the way that I am. My mom is giving me her 14 and 12's at thanksgiving, but if I keep going the way that I am I may need her to send some to me. My friend Liz gave me some clothes a few years ago, sad thing is they were her fat clothes(I am not saying you were fat Liz!!!) but I am glad because I will need those as transition clothes. If anyone has 14's or 12's they need to get rid of let me know I am cheap and don't want buy any clothes till i get to target weight. okay enough begging=)


Laura said...

Way to go! You're a lot braver than me! I haven't told anyone except for my mom and one sister! I wish I had some pants to send you, but we have the same goal ;)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I love transition clothes! Because that shows you are transitioning right out of your old clothes. Great job!

I think you are brave to tell people your goals. It is definitely a way to stay accountable! You are doing great.