Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Work is hard I was munching on bread all day. Today I am going to buy some 1 point snack things to bring to work so I have something much better to snack on. I was good again went 7 points under my daily points allowed, but like I said that does not account for the bread. Also it is harder to work around all that lovely food, I see the things I love, chicken parm sandwich, goodbye breaded fried chicken covered with cheese, goodbye the best chicken salad sandwich and buttered, toasted bread, and lastly good bye Louisiana Chicken pasta I think I will miss you most of all, you fried Parmesan encrusted chicken and creamy spicy sauce, topped with as much parm cheese as I could pour on. I like some of the healthier options they have, but still a part of me cries a little when I see those things.

I really do have a love affair with food, it really feels like I am ending a relationship. One that started well but then turned bad. I will be glad when I am over this "relationship."

Tonight is weigh in day, nothing feels significantly looser so I don't think I will be a big loser this week. I will let you all know later what is up, back to keeping my 2 year old from "loving" her sister too much!

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