Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Down 6.6 pounds!!!! WOOHOO, the site yelled at me but I am using my points just working out more. Breastfeeding also seems to help too. I am also officially less than I was when I got pregnant with Sophie. I am not sure about what I weighed exactly because those things depressed me and I would avoid it but I know it was over 230 but less than 240. Besides every pair of pants that fit me pre Sophie do all fit again. Next is to lose 3.4 pounds, that will make my weight loss 25 pounds and 10% of my body weight.

The sad thing is no one is noticing it, I know I am just where I was when I got pregnant so i guess that is why, but even people that saw me at 250 haven't really seen the loss. I also don't see it, and because I avoided pictures like the plague before this journey began I don't have any pictures to compare. I wish like some ladies have some before pictures and new ones every 10 pounds, I guess I could start that now. That is what I will do and you all can see how fat I still am. When Ryan comes home I will have him take the pictures.

I will post those later tonight.


Anonymous said...

the people you see more often won't notice just because they see you all the time. i'll have to come for a visit and play with riley since i havent seen you guys in FOREVER!

Laura said...

congrats! That is an awesome weight loss!!