Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good today to make up for yesterday!

You know I really love supportive people. I have this friend at work, I briefly mentioned her before we used to share nachos. If you ever saw the nachos at Cheesecake Factory it is a HUGE amount, massive, topped with cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and chicken. Well anyways that is what we would "split" by split I mean she would eat 5 chips and I would eat the rest, easily 2000 calories. Today I told her I want to lose weight and she said split a meal with me, we had the Weight Management Spicy chicken salad, at 490 calories. This time we actually split it as well I feel I really only ate half, and the darling person she is, she started talking about how we could split meals in the future and how she would eat healthy with me. I love this girl, the last thing she has is weight problem, and yet she is there for me listens and supports me without making excuses for me and when I said something about my weight she said the best thing "well your doing something about it now, and that's all that counts." So thanks Janet (if your reading this).

I also have done something I don't think most bloggers do I invited EVERYONE to read my blog, from my mom, to every Facebook friend I have (including a couple ex boyfriends), I have gotten such great support, I love the accountability it gives me. And 2 friends of mine that keep up with my blog and both have lost weight in the past not the weight I have to lose but still they know the struggle and both have been very supportive so thanks Liz and Renee, I appreciate you 2, now just run the turkey trot with me!!!

I want to thank 3 bloggers who have sent supportive messages, and have helped me stay on track, and have given me inspiration

2 Jenn at
3. One lady who has lost the weight and kept it off for 10 years!!! Diane at

Also my parents who help me start this journey by encouraging me, and paying for weight watchers, and then when new shoes weren't going to happen soon, they bought me some!

So I have a support system like never before, I have people rooting for me, people I know and love and people that I have never met. I feel empowered, so even after yesterday's mistake, I did not cheat, I stayed on track and I owe that to the people I mentioned and many more that I may have forgotten(like my husband but that is a whole other post!).

So today when I went to Ryan's family bar and they had gooey cheesy lasagna, fried chicken, and assorted delicious desserts for his Grandma's 85th birthday I was able to stick with just a salad. So thank you everyone, I am sure I will need that support many more times in the future.


Jenn said...

Awe, honey, thanks! It is so incredibly important to have someone in your life that is supporting you in this journey. You are so lucky to have such a great friend!
You will find other bloggers out there that will be here for you as well - this is an amazing community.

Laura said...

You are doing such a good job, and it's so nice you have a great support system around you! Keep up the good work!

Liz said...

omg, my name made it on the blog! woohooo! Im glad we make each others day!!!
keep up the great work katie :)