Monday, September 21, 2009

Please Please be wrong!

Start with the good today.
Today I had my reward gift to myself. I got a pedicure, I have only had 2 before one when I got married, and another when I was 9 months pregnant with Sophie. I told myself when I reached 10% lost I would get another one.

First of all my parents got me a trailer for a bike, that can also double as a jogging stroller. It is Sophie's Christmas present, they are really truly with me on this it is a great feeling. They are paying for my first 2 months of weight watchers(what actually means 3 months because you get 1 free), my running shoes, and now the jogger/trailer. I can't say it enough I have the best parents.

So that is why I am hoping what i saw today is not so...I went to my weigh in early because I might work tomorrow. I went in after i cooked and ate a huge meal, I was also in jeans, blah blah I am making excuses...the thing is I gained this week I think .2 pounds. Yes point 2 but I have been doing so well, working so hard that it might as well be 20 pounds. So I hope I can walk tomorrow to the weigh in and maybe act as if I never did this and see a small weight loss tomorrow.

So my reaction, I am depressed, sad, I was feeling so good about myself today when I was pulling my jeans up and down without unbuttoning them, and now this. So what am I going to do? I figure I have 3 options....

1. Go buy 40 dollars worth of bad food eat it all right now while my husband is out with friends.

2. Keep going the way I have, hope its a fluke and make no changes.

3. Join the YMCA tomorrow, focus on really tracking, measuring, and eating more fruits and veggies and less fiber 1 bars.

I am choosing option 3! I think I am at a point where its really going to take work to lose more. I have been having fun losing so much so fast, but I knew it wouldn't last, I hoped it would keep going but that was a hope, and I am not hoping on this journey I am working it. I have my parents, my husband, my friends, and blogger world all rooting for me, I am not going to let this set back beat me, I am just going to work hard to make sure it never happens again.

So I am sorry to all that I have let down, but most of all I feel I let down myself. So this week my focus will be on joining the YMCA, working out more than I did this week. Also I will buy a food scale, I have been losing so much each week I kept putting it off, now I think I have too. I will work on my portion control. I will incorporate more fruits and veggies into my meals and snacks. I am also going to stop late night snacking, after 9 pm if I have left over points too bad, they are gone to me.

So that's that....sorry to all rooting for me I don't seem to have good news this week=(

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LIZ said...

i am still rooting for you even if this wasnt as good as others. Im sure there will be more weeks like this...its just how it works! trust me!Just keep doing what your doing! everything will work out great in the end!